The Spot NYC: In and Out for 2005

2004 in Pictures

In and Out for 2005

Got New Year's Plans?

OUT: Barry Bonds' 'Cream' IN: Eric Clapton's C.R.E.A.M.
OUT: Paris Hilton IN: Tinkerbell
OUT: Nancy O'Dell IN: Maria Menounos
OUT: Ashlee and Jessica Simpson IN: OJ Simpson The Musical (link)
OUT: Lip-synching IN: Don't even open your mouth
OUT: Tucker Carlson IN: Raj Bhakta
OUT: Rod Stewart, American Songbook Volume 3 IN: Rod Stewart, American Songbook Volumes 4 & 5
OUT: Celine Dion in Vegas IN: Barry Manilow in Vegas
OUT: E-mail spam IN: "Targeted" e-mail spam
OUT: Star Jones as Bridezilla IN: Star Jones as Godzilla
OUT: Indiana Pacers IN: New York Knicks
OUT: Gillette Mach 3 Power IN: Gillette Mach 3 Power 15-Blade Shaving Accessory for the Closest Shave Ever Known To Man With No Batteries Required
OUT: Enrique Weds Anna IN: Fedorov Weds Tara Reid
OUT: Hilton on tape IN: Lohan on tape
OUT: Julia gets twins IN: Britney eats twinkey
OUT: Flash invitations IN: 3-D Flash invitations
OUT: Desperate Housewives IN: Desperate? Buy a bride (link)
OUT: 'Lean Back' IN: 'Macarena'
OUT: Britney Spears' cover of "My Prerogative" IN: Bobby Brown's cover of "Oops! I Did It Again"
OUT: Kobe in the NBA Finals IN: Shaq in the NBA Finals
OUT: Phoenix Suns' Gorilla IN: Gorilla - See here
OUT: Bernard Kerik replaces Tom Ridge IN: Bernard Kerik replaces Dr. Phil
OUT: Google on your desktop IN: Google on your cell phone
OUT: "Yeah" IN: "Lovers and Friends"
OUT: Backstreet Boys IN: Eastside Boyz
OUT: Queer Eye IN: Pimp My Ride
OUT: Wesley Snipes in Blade 3 IN: Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun 4 1/4 (how about it?)
OUT: Clay Aiken the Saint IN: Clay Aiken the Devil
OUT: Justin Guarini IN: N/A
OUT: William Hung IN: John Cho (link)
OUT: Pioneer CDJs IN: Pioneer DVJs
OUT: Irv Gotti IN: Victoria Gotti
OUT: DJs getting $ under the table IN: Bloggers getting $ under the table

See you in 2005!